EVE LA SALLE CARAM is the author of five novels, those in her new book TRIO, A CORPUS CHRISTI TRILOGY and the interconnected duo of THE BLUE GEOGRAPHY and WINTERSHINE. She is also the editor of PALM READINGS, STORIES FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, a multicultural anthology of stories by Southern California women.

She is also the author of the novella, Please, San Antonio! part of the book, Please, San Antonio! & Melisande in Paris (PALH 2018). 

For nearly thirty years she has taught Literature and Writing at California State University, Northridge; and Fiction Writing in UCLA Extension's renowned Writers' Program where she won the Outstanding Instructor in Creative Writing Award in 2006. She also teaches at Los Angeles City College whose students helped inspire her novel RENA, A LATE JOURNEY and who asked her to write LOOKING FOR JOHNNY, the short novel that completes TRIO. All of her books have been used in Literature and Writing classes in California and in Texas.

With her UCLA Extension's Writers' Program colleague award winning fiction writer and poet, Carolyn Howard Johnson, Eve has conducted writing classes in a villa near the heart of Rome and looks forward to returning to both teach and write. She is presently working on fiction inspired by her recent trips to Italy. A collection of stories, EIGHT, as well as a novel written in her youth, RUSHES FROM GIRLHOOD, are also forthcoming.

Her books are available at Amazon.com and Plain View Press (www.plainviewpress.net).

Eve's email is: ecaram@roadrunner.com

Plain View Press, 2010

"Poignant, bittersweet and worldly wise, this trilogy examines life with all its disappointments and high points yet avoids becoming maudlin. Caram delights readers by exploring the boundless grace of solid friendships set in a town struggling to cope with changing times. A triumphant celebration of life in the face of heartache, pain, and love," by Monstersandcritics.com

"Trio is a sultry, Faulkneresque read. Caram does not dodge the misfortunes of life, yet her characters accept adversity and do what people do, live on, seeking answers and connections and meaning. This is a beautiful and wise look at our world at what makes family, what makes us human," by Eileen Granfors (Author of Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead)

"Trio is well written and satisfying. Three cheers for Trio," by Judith Helburn, (Story Circle Book Reviews)

"This poetic trilogy set in Texas presents two of--a Caram's much beloved novels--Dear Corpus Christi (1991) and Rena, A Late Journey(2000)--alongside a new short novel, Looking For Johnny, which tells the enchanting story of an older woman's search for a long lost relative." Reviewer for The BARDIAN (Bard College Magazine)

Eve La Salle Caram reads from Trio: A Corpus Christi Trilogy, Writers Program Publication Party 2011

Plain View Press 1991

"Wonderful and very touching, " by John Rechy

"A novel that speaks of ephemeral joy," by Cathy Downs (English Professor, Texas A&M)

"Her deep feelings for that place and its people come to us as truth..." by Elizabeth Spencer


Plain View Press 2000

"Eve La Salle Caram has crafted a stunning journey across the century, offered to us in the powerful voice of Rena, her ninety-year-old character who, in healing her past, finds herself in a contemporary world of drugs and violence. A poignant tale that will remain in our minds well into the next millennium," by Maria Amparo Escandon (Author Esperanza's Box of Saints)

"A lyrical telling of an ordinary but not uncomplicated life, the rhythms in Rena, A Late Journey, are magical and gentle; the losses and revelations gut wrenching. Caram's enchanting novel brings healing in the form of a friendship that sees no boundaries of color or age or passage of time, unity through shared memories and pain," by Louinn Lota (Arts and Education Writer, Associated Press)

Plain View Press 1994

"...a lyrical account of the beauty found in ordinary life," by Texas Books in Review

"A book of open detail and whirling bits of memory," by Small Press Review

"...a delicate tale of childhood that will bring tears of recognition," by L.A. Times Reader Review

"Eve La Salle Caram's warm hearted novel, Wintershine, portrays with love and wonder the early childhood of Beatrice Merrill who grows up in the foothills of the Ozarks surrounded by both her colorful but driven and disconnected family and the woods and hills and streams and woodspeople of her family's back country home. It is this world of nature and the real and, sometimes, revealed personages who live within it that particularly shape Bea's inquisitive, outreaching spirit and which, even before she enters school, become the landscape of her deepest spiritual connections. Wintershine is an affirming and honest exploration of those forces, first encountered in childhood, that connect us all, psychologically and spiritually, to nature," Karl Barnebey, (Editor Snow Egret)

Plain View Press 2005

The Blue Geography continues the story of the characters in the critically acclaimed short novel, Wintershine. A mercurial book about the quest for freedom and the pursuit of happiness, it interweaves four stories which span the 20th century; those of Beatrice, her mother, Louise, her Uncle Robin (all of whom narrate) and that of Beatrice's uncle, Lyman Roy...

An American myth, a chase after a dream that spans continents and oceans, a long rainbow - in this case, Scotland to Maui, this is a book that explores the concept of boundlessness and a quest for freedom of the spirit.

First finalist The Texas Review 2001 novel contest, judged by George Garrett

"So real, so rich -- and poignant. Beautifully written. Fabulous!! I love this book!" by someone who read this on Christmas Day

"The Blue Geography is marked by lyrical passages of memory reminiscent (to me) of the writing of Louise Erdrich and by sharply etched dialogue. While the book's subtitle, "A Romance," may encourage some readers to think of the popular romance genre, the book is in fact a serious, well-wrought work of literature." George Uba, poet, Chair, Dept. of English, Cal State, Northridge

"This is the story of a family told in multiple voices. It is more than that, however. The prose shimmers with the details of the landscape in all seasons, and the characters' voices present life as they see it and know it in unusual clarity for each persona...I love this book!" Eileen Granfors, fiction writer Amazon Review

"The Blue Geography is a beautiful book. Eve La Salle Caram takes us with her to revel in the details of life that bring us into he beauty and clarity of memory and emotion..."Arnold I Miller, Amazon Review.

Edited by Eve La Salle Caram

"I was quickly drawn in to these beautifully written and poignant stories of different cultures, and greatly affected as I read on," by Fred Roos (Producer of Godfather I and III, The Secret Garden and The Black Stallion

"This anthology is best remembered for the unique voices that emerge from these stories written by seven women, most of whom come from bicultural backgrounds. It ushers the reader into the world of a Chinese woman transplanted in San Francisco, the era of Diego Rivera, war-torn Philippines, and other fictive realities reflecting the rich cultural diversity in Southern California. Eve La Salle Caram should be congratulated for this book project!" by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard (Author When the Rainbow Goddess Wept)

Two Novellas, Special International Edition
by Eve La Salle Caram and Cecilia Brainard
Available in paperback and Kindle 

"In Eve LaSalle Caram's Please, San Antonio!, an emotionally isolated American woman's trip to Rome becomes a powerful quest to find what she has lost: her creativity, identity, and "an open place in her heart."

In Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's Melisande in Paris, a young seamstress from the French countryside comes to Paris to assist her dressmaker aunt, and rediscovers her talent, strength, and a precious "feeling of wholeness" in her new lover's arms.

Together, Caram's Beatrice and Brainard's Melisande cross geographical borders and borders of the heart with vitality and spirit, and will inspire those who believe in the possibility of heaven on earth." by Linda Venis, PhD, Former Director of UCLA Extension Department of the Arts and the Writers' Program;  Editor of  Inside the Room and Cut to the Chase

"Two delightful novellas written by two award-winning authors, Eve La Salle Caram and Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, who write about women in search of love and connections--lost and found, real and imagined. Their journeys draw us into worlds richly shaped by light and darkness, textures and colors that enrich our awareness of emotions shared in common across generations, nationalities, and gender." by Akemi Kikumura Yano, Anthropologist and Curator, Author of Through Harsh Winters: The Life of a Japanese Immigrant Woman and Promises Kept: The Life of a Japanese Immigrant Man; Former President and Chief Executive Officer of the Japanese American National Museum; Current Affiliate Graduate Faculty at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa.

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